Posted by: sherryvalenti | June 27, 2011

My podcasts are not like fine wines!

My first attempt at podcasting:

Could Captain John Smith ever imagined that we would be podcasting his trials and tribulations 400 years after he arrived in Jamestown? I taught a long unit on Colonization of North America in Social Studies, and Jamestown was one of my favorite lessons to teach. I found this podcast after reading a NEA magazine article about students creating their own podcasts about Jamestown. Another site I mentioned is the History Globe site, which has a great role playing game. Learning about Jamestown and early colonization is an interest of mine.

Looking back at my first attempt at podcasting, I want to cringe.  Unfortunately, like a fine wine, it didn’t age well.  I can’t stand my hearing my own voice, I paused too much and spoke too slowly.  I should have practiced it more so that it sounded more smooth. I did get better with more practice, as you can see in this example of a more audio recording.  It still needs work.  Are we ever finished?


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