Posted by: sherryvalenti | June 27, 2011

Flickr: Getting more than I give

I have used Flickr more for taking photos than in putting my own photostream together.  I decided to put some photos I thought teachers could use, and I didn’t put personal photos on because I want to keep the account open.  I don’t know many people on Flickr personally, and I don’t think want to place pictures of my children for the world to see.

I hope people use the photos.  I would like to know if any one does, just for curiosity’s sake.   In the past, when I have used others’ photos, I sent the person a message asking permission and stating a reason why I wanted to use the photo.  People have always given me permission, and this is why I think Flickr is a great online community.

Photography is not my strong point, but I think this is a great site for those that have photography as their hobby to share their photos and get some recognition.  I wish I had more to upload.  My main subjects are little ones these days, so I don’t have much else to share!

Here’s the link to my Photostream:


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