Posted by: sherryvalenti | June 27, 2011

Assessing our assessments

You all really had me thinking this week about assessments, from Kerry’s blogical discussion to other posts I read, I began thinking about the way we currently assess students and how this does not match with the Web 2.o tools we are exploring here in BCE.

Personalized Assessment, a post by Dean Shareski, discusses an issue many of us have faced: How do we assess students as assignments become more personalized?  To bring this to Web 2.0 tools, how can we accurately track and assess students progress on a skill?

Of course, the focus nowadays is on standardized testing.  To me, this seems out of touch with the push for differentiated learning that I am experiencing in my county.  How can we change the way we assess students to fit more personalized, differentiated learning?  How can we integrate assessment on these Web 2.0 tools with the assessments required by our districts?  We may not know the answers, but I think it’s important to think about before we all end up doing the same things the same way as we have always done.

Realistically, creating differentiated assessments for all students would be extremely time-consuming and nearly impossible, especially in middle and high school.  Perhaps, though, there are ways to differentiate the assessment and allow more student input.

What are some of your thoughts on personalized assessment?  Have you ever tried to do this?  What were the results?


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