Posted by: sherryvalenti | June 15, 2011

Is blogging out?

I know!  You just spent a week of your life on blogging and now I am asking if it’s out?  I have heard people say that blogs are out, and I found this study by PCWorld that supports this idea somewhat.  Blog use is declining among teens and Millenials (ages 18-29).  Blogs are increasing with adults age thirty and over (many of us I presume!).

What is catching on with the younger set is Microblogging.  Twitter is an example of a microblog, where you have to use 140 characters or less.  Why do you think this is catching on so quickly with the younger generation?  What is to come?

I use Twitter for news and entertainment purposes. It’s really just fluff for me.  I don’t check it as regularly as Facebook, but my husband is a Twitter addict.  He is a huge sports fan, and he gets constant updates from writers, players, fans on his favorite teams (Phillies, U of MD Terps, and Eagles).

Anyone else use Twitter?  What are your likes and dislikes, and how do you use it?  We know the down sides (Anthony Weiner), but what are the benefits? Do you think microblogging will replace blogs as we know them?




  1. I think the PC World article summed it in a nutshell. The younger generation is switching over to mobile computing and cell phones. It is difficult to compose a blog on a cellphone or tablet computer, but simple to compose a short burst of text. It is instantaneous connection and feedback. My fear with the trend is that thoughtful reflection may be a dying skill. What do you think?

    At this point I have little interest in using twitter, I can’t keep up with my Facebook page. LOL

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