Posted by: sherryvalenti | June 6, 2011

Blog, Version 3… at least!

This is a new blog for me, so I will be “playing” with it as you play with yours. I used a different blog service, but decided to switch to WordPress.  I have an appreciation for bloggers, because I find the more I learn, the more changes I want to make.  The picture is my three-year old, one early morning in Maine.  Reminds me of pure happiness!



  1. I just love the photo of your daughter in Maine, Sherry! Maine is one of our favorite destinations, too. We spent a magical week there when my own daughter was about five, a week spent exploring the coastline, hiking and eating wild blueberries, and building fairy homes with twigs and moss. We are looking forward to spending another week there this summer. We have found a cabin to rent on a lake near the ocean. I hate to admit, in a class on using technology, that one of the the elements I am most anticipating is… brace yourself… unplugging for a week. The cabin has no television, no radio, no Wifi, no playstation, and I will refuse to bring the laptop. (Needless to say, it will be in August after the completion of this course!) As much as we all love our devices, I just can’t wait until the kids are forced to figure out what to do in the woods. If you are curious about our destination, here it is:

    Rebecca Boynton

  2. That sounds amazing, Rebecca! I will keep that in mind. We wanted to go back again this summer, but with all Noah’s baby gear and the long drive, we decided to wait. I want to make it a regular trip. We stayed in the Southern Coast-Ogunquit. I was pregnant and craved blueberry pancakes the whole time! Enjoy your trip, especially the unplugging part!

  3. Hi Sherry & Becca:

    My mother had relatives up in Eastport, Maine, which is the most northeasterly point in the US. We would travel up there each summer for a few weeks up to a month. Like Becca does, we stayed in a rustic cabin with a fireplace . It was on a small lake.

    I have a lot of great memories of picking blueberries, fires in the fireplace and playing in the lake. We travelled to Canada for my Mom to get knitting wool, which I think she looked forward to all year. Ahhh, thanks for the memories…

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