Posted by: sherryvalenti | May 29, 2011

Tech Pet Peeves

I came across this article from Real Simple, which discusses some tech etiquette.  I know I am guilty of a few of these “rules”.  I find more and more, I am constantly checking email and trying to stay connected. It’s almost automatic, the way I grab for my phone.

Something that drives me crazy as a teacher is texting during class.  They text under the table like I won’t be able to tell!  I know students say they can pay attention and text at the same time, but I know they are not fully attending.   Is it automatic for students, too?
What are some of your tech pet peeves?




  1. I used to teach in a high school and I too couldn’t stand all of the students texting at their desks. Some of the students were so good they could text in their pocket without even taking it out. They new the keys that well!

    My tech pet peeve is…people being waited on at a store and being on their phone. They continue to have their conversation while the clerk is waiting on them. It is extremely rude to the sales person and others around them. I think we all could use a few minutes unplugged from technology. Don’t you?

    • I also teach in a high school and am amazed at their texting ability – in their pockets, in the bookbags, and under the desk. When caught it’s amazing that they always seem to be texting their parents about getting a ride home…funny.

      It does seem to be automatic for them. When I lose patience, I think of how I check my email much more than I have to during the school day – often without even thinking about it.

  2. Just wondering, what are your schools cell phone policies? Ours is strict on paper, but I am not sure how much it’s enforced. And is that the battle you want to pick?

    I am more and more annoyed at people talking on phones while driving. Especially when they are trying to turn, back up, or do anything where they really need two hands. Maryland passed a hands-free law recently, but you have to be pulled over for another offense before a ticket can be issued.

  3. I know how you feel. My students always say they can text and listen to what I am saying, so I do a little test. I talk fast to begin with so I say a whole bunch of information and throw in some weird fact while they are texting then ask for my weird fact. They can never give it to me!!

    My biggest pet peeve when online is when I have to read something that is written in a weird. What I mean by weird is if it is in all capitals or lower case letters, it is in italics, a different font color and if it is highlighted. I cannot read it, it hurts my eyes. I found an article ( that states the top 10 netiquette guidelines. Ii lists some great starting off points.

  4. I HATE IT when I am texting back and forth with someone, we have completed the discussion or solved the problem or whatever, and they keep texting things like Thanks, then I text back, and they keep texting back. It’s like no one knows when to end the stupid conversation!! In the same manner, I hate it when I get an email, and all it says is “Thanks.” Perhaps even worse is an email that contains nothing but whatever it says in the topic info.

  5. Kristen, thanks for the link and tip about the weird facts. I will have to remember it!
    Cindy, I guess an email that says “Thanks” is better than no thanks at all? Maybe we should consider bringing back the 10-4 to let people know we are over and out!

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