Posted by: sherryvalenti | May 29, 2011

Is online always on target?

 Having been a student and a teacher in online classes, I have learned that the biggest factor for success is communication.  Tone, clarity and timeliness are all essential for both parties in online classes. From my perspective as a student, nothing was more frustrating than “not getting” the content or the instructor’s directions. Even more frustrating was the instructor “not getting” my frustrations or problems with the course.
Is communication even more important in online classes?  What are some pitfalls with online learning?


  1. This is my first attempt at online learning. I’m still feeling a bit uncomfortable in this unfamiliar territory. I do miss the spontanaiety of the communication and interaction of the traditional classroom. I think I do agree that communication is key to a positive experience. Navigating the site to find ALL of the communication is something that I think I will feel more comfortable about in time.

  2. I totally think that communication is more important in an online class. There is that opportunity to raise your hand and get clarification or chat with those around you to get more info. So, therefore, we have to be clearer and more specific about expectations. The pitfalls of online learning is that socialization. I truly find in my grad classes that I learn more from just talking and sharing with others than anything else.

  3. Hopefully you will start to feel that sense of camaraderie as we go along in this class, Kerry and Debbie. This class, by nature, has a lot of collaboration. I do like hybrid classes for that reason; it’s a little bit of both. It’s tough as a facilitator to have to communicate this way all the time. It would be nice to just talk F2F, too!

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