Posted by: sherryvalenti | May 27, 2011

Technology for Technology’s Sake

As much as I love technology, I am concerned that people are using technology for technology’s sake.  Although it can be a tool, I think some use it just as that.  For example, is a document camera just a glorified overhead projector?  I have seen it used this way often.  Also, I have seen teachers design lessons around a interactive whiteboard and the lesson just doesn’t seem natural.  Integrating technology so that it enhances, not drives, the lesson is difficult.
Another blog that discusses this issue brought up some valid points, that the technology should complement, not overpower the curriculum.

I love this quote from a study at RIT: “Technology does not improve poor teaching. It may, however, make good teaching better.”  ·



  1. I absolutely LOVE that quote… I think it’s funny though, that many teachers feel that as long as they involve some type of technology regardless of its usefulness it will improve their lesson. Many times, (in many areas in life) less is more. I think many teachers think that any type of technology will be impressive, but in reality if it isn’t useful to the lesson why bother???

  2. Technology is great to use as long as it promotes and enhances the subject being taught. I really believe we must use it sparingly at first. We must remember that not all students are interested or fluent with tech. We can’t force them to use something if they have no desire to use it.

  3. Alan and Erica,

    I think all the bells and whistles can be very distracting to students. They are taken in by the jazzy Powerpoints with animations, and are ignoring the content. There are ways to make it work for you, but yes, it needs to start slow!

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